Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Gift of the Holy Ghost

The Holy Ghost is a member of the God Head who is a spirit. He gives instruction to man kind and teaches us the will of the Lord. We are worthy of his influence when we keep the commandments and strive to glorify God. He fills us with hope, light, and goodness. He lest us know what God and Christ want us to do and leads us down the path of righteousness. He helped Jesus apostles after his death to know where they were needed and how to spread the word of God. Without it, they would have been lost. The Holy Ghost has been with man since Adam and is still her today. He draw us closer to God, and is a spirit of revelation and truth.
I taught the Young women in my ward for a time. The girls where so sweet and always wanted to talk… they talked a lot! So much I constantly had to tell them to stop and stay on track. So I pondered ways to help them concentrate and came up with lesson journals. They where simple notebooks I decorated with scrap book paper and ribbon, then I put their names on them. I started our lesson the next week describing the importance of remembering things the Holy Ghost prompts us about and how we should write them down. I gave them each a journal and said I would keep them so we could use them in class, they could write down the lesson, date, and any impressions they felt during the lesson. It was amazing how much better they could concentrate! I let them take the journals during conference so they could use them and then we were able to talk about the things they wrote the next week. It was a great way to keep the lessons on track and keep the girls focused with out me getting frustrated at their talking or having to get on to anyone during the lesson. Then they had fun listening to the lessons so they could write things down and use them for future talks or spiritual thoughts. I’m grateful for the prompting of the Holy Ghost that helped me to calm my class in an uplifting way.

Friday, November 25, 2011

The Anointing of Christ

A woman came with a box of precious ointment and poured it on the Saviors head. The Apostles do not understand why she did this. They feel she wasted it and should have sold the ointment and give the money to the poor. But Christ states that she did it to anoint him for his burial and that she had done a great thing. He said that there will always be poor among them, but he will not always be there. In Mark 14 verse 8 Christ says she “hath done what she could” which means she knew that in His eyes she was doing something great even if it seems small to others.
This is important to remember because Christ sees even the small acts of kindness that we do. He knows our intentions and loves us for giving all we can, even if the world does not appreciate our sacrifices. The woman is a good example of a humble and true follower of Christ. She exemplifies putting Christ first. The Lord values things of the Spirit, not things of the world. In his eyes some of the good sacrifices we can make would be our time, our efforts, and our love. Giving him our devotion and acting in faith will prove that we love him.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Halloween!! Just in time forThanksgiving!

Originally I wanted Taeli to be a turtle for halloween becasue I thought it would be funny to see a little crawling turtle on the floor (I know you just pictured that and laughed like I did) BUT My crazy girl was already well on her way to full on walking so I was thinking a bunny... Ya know a fluffy tutu with a tail and little ears with pink bows on them (adorable I know) HOWEVER I found a Peacock costume on Pinterest (addicted) which just happened to sport a pair of random orange tights with white polka dots from Gymboree that I already owned, ( I know who actually owns orange tights with white polka dots?) WELL the answer is ME!! I was sold. I needed to make a Peacock costume and the cutest one on earth at that! The hunt was on. Thanks to pinterest, etsy (addiction #2) and a few other blogs PLUS my own creative genius (its the only time I can claim genius) the worlds cutest peacock was born. I totally accepted the fact that the feathers where going to drive her crazy and the costume would be short lived but I didn't care! Fortunatly Halloween provided enough noise and visual stimulation that she forgot the feathers and had a great time!

This was my favorite pic and showed the costume the best. It was the end of the night but she was still going strong!
We went to the Gammons with our cousins Bailey and Shadi and had a fantastic evening. All three girls were just the cutest Trick-or-Treaters ever. (seriously EVER) I though Taeli wouldn't be into it but boy was I WRONG! She watched as the two big girls started trotting up to a house and to her amazement she got to go too!! OH if you could have seen the joy in her 10 month old little face, or should I say body because her happiness is a full body experience. She giggled and screeched and (while holding my fingers) ran as fast as those little legs would go! It was like she was running a baby marathon and enjoying every moment of it! Shadi was so cute she would come up to every door with us and announce " This is my cousin Taeli" or "This is Taeli, my cousin" and then hold her bag out for a second piece of candy. It was awesome. Door after door Taeli ran her little body up to get a piece of the action. She knew we where collecting something and watched intently as candy was placed in her bag. She lasted as long as the big girls, only getting tired at the end of the road.

We all went back and as tradition fallows we sat on the front lawn passing out candy to the other kids that came by and enjoying the spoils of our evening. Taeli watched everyone pull candy of the bags and start eating it and caught on pretty quickly. She pulled all her candy out and bit each piece (wrapper on) only to be displeased with the taste of plastic wrapping. She tried every one and then went on the hunt for anything sans wrapper. I did relent and give her some pixi stix.

It was a great night of family and fun and I would say a costume success :)

Happy Halloween!! Just in time for t

Be Prepared

There are three things that if we watch for then we will know the Lord will soon come. One is that many false prophets will arise to lead us astray. Another is that even the greatest of Nations will be turned against each other, and one is that the earth will tormented with great natural disasters in all areas of the world. The Lord counsels us in Mark chapter 13 that if we watch for these things we will know he is soon to come. Likewise we must build our testimonies so that they are so strong that we will not be led astray in the last days, but be ready to receive Him.
There are many ways that we can prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The most important is to accept Christ as our savior and redeemer. (D&C 45:56-57) Believing Christ is the principle of the Gospel. Without accepting Him, we have nothing to base our testimony on. He is the life and light of the world. He gives us everlasting life if we believe in his light which is the Gospel. We must have a strong testimony of these truths. (D&C 33:17) We need to pray, and diligently build our testimony. We can do this by preparing mentally, physically, and spiritually for his second coming. We must gain knowledge of what to look for, be active so we can physically face what ever trials are laid before us, and spiritually be strong so we are not led astray. One more way we can prepare is to stand in Holy Places. (D&C 87:8) We should actively attend church meeting and the temple so we will draw closer to the spirit and hear and head its promptings. By doing all these things we will know there is nothing to fear in the Second Coming and rejoice when our Savior returns.